Everyone who heard this tragic news trembled from fear, but nobody wanted to be any part of it. A peaceful stability was too valuable for them.

Karl and his compatriots arrived at Hironeiden, Khilliani and Hironeiden had already signed a pact. Khilliani’s messenger claimed that Elf Forest was originally their property and they only cleared the land of “illegal occupiers.” After much heated discussion, Hironeiden court recognized the current status and decided to sign a mutual nonaggression treaty. It was when Karl and Celin was about to be deported from Hironeiden as the result of this treaty, an urgent news arrived.

While Khilliani’s messenger and Hironeiden ministers were in negotiation, Orcs and Ogres had punched through the weakened borderline of Hironeiden in search of Ancient Heart. When Hironeiden realized that the treaty was only a decoy, they had already advanced deep into the heart of Hironeiden.
Encouraged by their continued victory, Orcs and Ogres of Hexter did not hesitate to clash with the Knights of Hironeiden. The Knights were Hironeiden’s last hope, and everyone prayed for God’s blessing upon them. As if Amos had heard the prayer, Keither led the Knights to annihilate Black Omen Clan, the vanguard of Hexter forces.

Thus began the First War of Heroes…

To dismay of Hironeiden, Black Omen Clan was only the tip of an iceberg. The outnumbering main forces had slowly advanced and occupied surrounding provinces. Hironeiden alone could not overcome this crisis. The rest is history, well known even among three-year old children. An envoy, led by Keither, was sent out to the “Stone Kingdom” of Dwarves.

Knight General Keither, his close friend and fearless Knight Rick Miner, Royal Magician Moonlight the “Son of Elementals,” Karl and Celin – the guardians of Ancient Heart – are joined by the quiet and trustworthy Dwarf Gunther, and a Sorceress only known as “Ludiana.”

a long and dangerous journey, they find out that Khilliani needs Ancient Heart to be used for the mysterious structure. Although they were not sure of the purpose of the structure, they were certain of the fact that it had to be stopped no matter what.

On the other hand, Khillani had finally completed Altar of Destruction, but was missing its key part – Ancient Heart. His minions searched the entire continent looking for the artifact. The adventurers of Hironeiden concluded that a guerilla attack could be more effective than a major frontal assault, and ambushed Khilliani. But Khilliani had anticipated this and already set a trap for them. Tragically, the brave Rick Miner is killed by Khilliani himself.

Desperate and hopeless, the adventurers listens to Moonlight’s proposal and decided to resurrect Rick Miner against Karl’s warning. The power of Ancient Heart was beyond everyone’s imagination. Rick Miner, who couldn’t be resurrected by even the clerics of Hironeiden, rose again with even stronger body and power.

The adventurer penetrated Khilliani’s defense again, with the help of Rick Miner’s newly found power, and destroyed the lich along with his Altar of Destruction. This marked the end of the First War of Heroes, and the surviving members were remembered as “Xok Knights.”