Experience the chaos of a full-scale medieval warfare.
• Over 1,000 units on the field, each rendered with 3,000 – 4,000 polygons.
• Control the 10,000-polygon player character and command your army.
• 30 fps is sustained with all this.
• From basic infantry to gigantic monsters, enlist your own army.
• The realistic equipment and skills of each unit reinforces the feeling of “being there”.

One war, Four different perspectives
• Choose among 4 campaigns, 2 Human (Easy, Hard) or 2 Dark Legion (Easy, Hard)
• Hard modes can be accessed after completing the easy modes of each campaign.
• Depending on the character selection, the story flows in different ways.

Elements that affect your strategy
Weather, ground, and unit relationship affects the battle directly, and requires quick decisions and precise commands

• Rain, Wind, Sun…
- When raining, the visibility is very poor and fire attacks become useless.
- Ranged weapon’s accuracy and power varies depending on the direction and speed of wind.
- Facing the Sun will blind you and make your attack less effective.

• The ground condition will decide your moving speed and defense rate.
- The duration and damage of fire attacks increase in the forests or grass lands, but decrease in
  the swamps or wastelands.
- Defense rate against ranged weapon increases for the units in the forest. Some aerial units
  cannot attack targets in the forest at all.
- Offensive power and range increases when attacking downhill.
- Dark Elves are slowly healed in the forest.

• Performance of each unit is decided by its job, formation density, and attacking direction.
- A food chain among the units exist, and an effective combination that suits your strategy should
  be created.
- Aerial units will inflict damage when they crash into your troops. A careful strategy on their usage
  is required.
- When in a close formation, the attack and defense rate of your troops increase. But their mobility
  is sacrificed and they become invulnerable to catapults and meteor.
- If your attack is directed at the side or back of the enemy, the damage is increased and you can
  earn Skill Points.
- Powerful spells and helpful skills can be used by consuming Skill Points, whose effective use
  can change the outcome of the battle.

Heroes turn the tide of battle.
• Your hero’s performance can even defeat an enemy force twice larger than yours.
• Player controlled main heroes can have up to 2 supporting sub-heroes exist.
• When the main hero’s HP runs out, he will be disabled for a certain duration, which becomes a
  big factor in the battle.

Upgrading your units: RPG element
• Troops are moved through waypoints on a 3D worldmap
• Characters can level-up or change jobs with experience points earned at battle.
  (Heroes are fixed as infantries)
• Powerful weapons and armors can be also purchased at castles with gold points earned at

Xbox Live Support
• 2-player deathmatch and ladder ranking.
• Gold and Experience points resulting from each match can be used to develop one’s army and
  prepare for the next session.
• Optimatch option will enable everyone to enjoy a match against another player of similar skills.