+ Ecclesia
Ecclesia is led by Pope Dmitri III, whose religious ideology states “Extermination of unconvertible barbarians and
unification of Bersian Continent under one faith”. The zealous nation occupied Azilla while Azilla was divided over
the king’s throne. Ecclesia consider Ancient Heart to be a demonic artifact, thus will excommunicate anyone who sp-
eaks of or attempts to learn about it.

+ Azilla
After King Curian disappeared during the Second War of Heroes, Azilla was engulped by a civil war. Weakened by
the internal conflicts, Azilla was occupied by Ecclesia to become Ecclesian Azilla.
While King Angelo is the official ruler, he is a puppet controlled by an Ecclesian Viceroy.

+ Hironeiden
Currently ruled by the ill-tempered King Saul. Though this kingdom follows the principles of the Ecclesian church,
its standpoint differs greatly from Ecclesia since religious belief had caused the everlasting conflict with Dark Legion.
For people of Hironeiden who must fight bloody battles for survival, religious belief of Ecclesia may not be enough
cause to make them devout believers.

+ Vellond
Currently ruled by Waldemar. He somehow succeeds in unifying numerous nations of Dark Elves, Orcs, and Ogres,
yet conflict exists amongst the races. Especially, Dark Elves are the most problematic since they relentlessly
seek for an opportunity to throw out the half vampire king, who they consider racially inferior Dark Elves. To pre-
vent coup d’etat, Waldemar sent out half vampire Regional Inspectors to watch over the Dark Elves.

+ Hexter
Politically dependent on Vellond, Hexter is not an officially sovereign entity. Its population mostly consists of Orcs
and Ogres. This area is ruled by Regnier, a human with mysterious power. Another mystery is that Regnier does not
try to take over Waldermar, even though he was strong enough to bring Orcs and Ogres to their knees. Despite Wal-
demar’s trust and friendship, Regnier always stays neutral and apathetic.