Human Alliance
Dark Legion
Gerald  Kendal  Rupert  Ellen  Duane  Thomas
+ Gerald
. Specialty : Melee Combat
. Weapon : Long Sword

Captain of Hironeiden Eastern Defense Force. Joined the
army six years ago as a grunt, recognized for his bravado at
Hexter Invasion and became a captain 2 years ago. He em-
phasizes effectiveness and practicality. His distinguished
records and unbiased nature is admired by colleagues and
+ Kendal
. Specialty : Melee Combat
. Weapon : Halberd and Mace

General of 2nd Division, Ecclesian Paladins.
The Azillian general was sent by Pope to occupy the
Holy Ground. He is not fond of the dispatch but never
talks about it. Stemming from his cold-blooded analysis
and deep faith is the flawless control of power he shows
on battlefields.
+ Rupert
. Specialty : Melee Combat
. Weapon : Two-Handed Warhammer

A close friend of Gerald. His huge body and en-
ormous strength lets him wield the 100-pound
hammer on Gerald’s side. He puts on a rough
exterior, but his sarcasm and frequent jokes with
Ellen mask the affection he really has for his friends.
+ Ellen
. Specialty : Melee Combat and Archery
. Weapon : Sword and Bow

Among rough and crude soldiers of Hironeiden, this beautiful
warrior is an oddity. However, most men fear her sharp tongue
and superior swordsmanship. She volunteered into Gerald’s
army 2 years ago, but no one knows her true background.
+ Duane
. Specialty : Melee Combat
. Weapon: Morning Star

A knight from the honorable but fallen house of Ecclesia Colonok.
He volunteered to join the defense force of the Holy Ground to rees-
tablish his housename. For this reason, he tends to over-stretch himself
at battles. This eccentric knight’s motto is ‘Life is a war.‘
+ Thomas
. Specialty : Melee Combat, Magic
. Weapon : Mace

Son of Walter, who’s the Head of Papal Emissary and a friend of
Kendall’s. His father asked Kendall to take Thomas along so that
he can accumulate experience in the battlefields. Although he may
still be a young man, his capability never failed Kendall as his lieu-