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Combo Guide
Movement/Tactics  Battle
+ Movement
the cursor to the desired location with Left Thumbstick. Press to move the selected troop to the location.
It works the same way with the minimap on.

+ Looking Around
Use Right Thumbstick to look around. Click Right Trigger to change the camera view.

+ Troop Selection
Pull Left or Right Trigger to cycle through available troops.

+ Battle
A battle will automatically start as the distance between your troop and enemy troop narrows.

+ Using the Mini Map
You can enlarge the mini map by pulling and holding Right Trigger or by Pressing BACK. Repeat to return the mini map to its normal size. The mini map shows the following:

* A circle around the troop represents its attacking range. A yellow flag shows selected troop.

(1) Green Dot = Ally, Red Dot = Enemy
(2) Explored area is displayed with a lighter tone.
(3) Unexplored area is displayed with a darker tone.
(4) Traps (Only Scouts or Sappers can detect traps)

+ Using Ability
You can select abilities with the D-pad. A certain amount of Skill Points is spent each time an ability is used. The table below shows the different kinds of abilities.
Category Examples Effect
Attack Meteor, Lightning, etc. Inflicts magical damage upon enemy.
Restore Curatio, Tree of Healing, etc. Heals ally troops.
Status Elemental Boost, etc. Changes status for a certain duration.
Special Scout


Call Support
Creates scouts.

Sends a self-destructing Ghoul to enemy.

Calls for aerial support.
+ Using the Mini Map
To set a waypoint, pull and hold Left Trigger, point your cursor, then Press . Up to 7 waypoints can be set to move your unit
+ Status Change Depending on the Formation
Button will widen the formation and Button will tighten the formation. Refer to the table below to see the status change.
Class Formation Effect

Increases offense and defense rate. Decreases speed.

Decreases offense and defense rate. Increases speed.
All Range Unit Tight

Narrow target area

Wide target area