At a time of bloody war and conflict, a new generation of heroes rise from ashes!”
50 years have passed since the Second Great War of Heroes. The Ancient Heart, the legendary artifact that caus-
ed the Great War, was long gone. Legends of the Ancient Heart circulated throughout the land after the Great War,
but the slow passage of time caused many to forget the devastation once brought by the artifact. The memories of
the dreadful powers hidden within the Ancient Heart, once responsible for deaths of thousands, were beginning to
fade. The Papal Court of Ecclesia further discouraged the legends, determining the Ancient Heart to be the work of
pure evil, and exiling all who would seek its knowledge. The land of Bersia stood in peace as the former combatants
mended their wounds.

However, history has a tendency to repeat itself...

Without warning, a village near the border of the Sacred Land - where Ancient Heart rested - was invaded by the
merciless Orcs. In response to this foul act, Hironeiden declared war against the evil Vellond and began their invasi-
on of Hexter. Ecclesia immediately entered the war as well, in the name of protecting this Holy Ground.