Human Alliance
Dark Legion
Regnier  Lucretia  Cirith  Morene Strident  Urukubarr  Leinhart
+ Regnier
. Specialty : Melee Combat
. Weapon : Two-Handed Sword

Lord of Hexter. He has monstrous strength beyond that
of mortals and merciless tactics with overwhelming power.
A man of mysterious past and experience, but he rose to
power two years ago when he appeared out of nowhere to
assist Valdemar in suppressing the Hexter Rebellion. The
Orcs and Ogres who have witnessed his absolute power obey
him blindly and willingly.
+ Lucretia
. Specialty : Melee Combat
. Weapon : Rapier

Captain of Vellond Border Guard. Her strength is in blindingly
fast attacks to enemy weak points. She is rather hot-tempered
and hysterical. Her missino is to investigate why Regnier in-
vaded the villages near the Holy Ground, while secretly aiding
his troops.
+ Cirith
. Specialty : Melee Combat and Magic
. Weapon : Katar

A pretty face with not much thoughts. She is very proud of her heritage as a
Dark Elf. She acts as Lucretia’s loyal lieutenant, but her true intensions are hidden.
+ Morene Strident
. Specialty : Melee Combat
. Weapon : Vampire Bone

Her Half-Vampire lineage made her very beautiful, but lethal as
well. She was dispatched as an overseer to watch over ‘Kaedes,’
an underground resistance of Dark Elves.
+ Urukubarr
. Specialty: Melee Combat
. Weapon: Bare hands

Once a proud chief of Gorzanik, the most powerful Orc-Ogre
tribe in Hexter. But he fell onto his knees by Regnier’s power
and surrendered Hexter to him. Being a simple minded Ogre,
he gives absolute loyalty to Regnier, even at the cost of his own life.
+ Leinhart
. Specialty : Melee Combat
. Weapon: Falcion

An overseer dispatched to Hexter by Vellond, just like Morene.
Half-Vampires pledge their allegiance to their King Valdemar only,
but Leinhart was mesmerized by Regnier’s power and secretly
acts as his right-hand man.