Press Release
United States GameSpot Best and Worst of 2004 – Most Improved Sequel Award
  Play Magazine 95%
“If ever there was a living action-RPG, this is it."
  Next Level Gaming 91/100
  GameSpot 8.5/10
  IGN 8.2/10
“We at IGN are grateful it's finally here…because it's ‘Dynasty Warriors' meets ‘Dungeons & Dragons' [and] that may just be the best combination you could ever hope for.”
  Yahoo Games 8/10
“There's something delightfully visceral about wading into a chaotic scrum, sword at the ready, and then a few minutes later, marching off leaving nothing but a pile of bodies and an abandoned banner.”
  XBN Magazine 8/10
  Electronic Gaming Monthly 7.83/10
United Kingdom
Official Xbox Magazine UK 8.9/10, Elite Award
“21st century strategy gaming has truly arrived on the Box with KUFTC”
XboxGamer 8/10,Star Game Award
"A fantastic game. Looks stunning and full of hidden depth."
  XboxWorld 8/10
“Tactical and deliciously epic in scale”
  GamesTM 8/10
"A wonderfully crafted fantasy epic"
  XBM 8/10
"One of the very best console games of its kind."
  The Guardian   ★★★ out of ★★★
“The kind of game the XBOX has needed for some time”
France Le Magazine Officiel Xbox 17/20, Game of the Month Award, Elite Award
“An experience that will change a gamer’s life”
JeuxVideo 17/20, Game of the Month Award
“Rich in detail, compelling storyline, and an impressing lifespan, It's a must!”
PlayMag 4/5, Game of the Month Award
Joypad 9/10, Game of the Month Award
Germany XboxZone 85%, Hit Game Award
Das Offizielle Xbox Magazin 85% (single) 89% (multi), Elite Award (Single), Elite Award (Multi)
“Strategiespiele auf der Xbox warden immer interssanter! Zwar gab es bereits gute title, aber mit KUFTC kommt nun enlich der erste Elitetitel.”
XBG Games 90%, XBG Games Award
„Selbst die Massenprügeleien der Dynasty Warriors haben nicht den Hauch einer Chance gegen diese Detailverliebtheit.“ 9/10, Gold Award
4PLAYERS.DE 85%, Gold Award
"Einzelspieler, die sowohl grandios inszenierter Action als auch fordernder Strategie nicht abgeneigt sind, können blind zugreifen!"
Gamona Editor's Choice Award
Xbox Magazine Ufficiale 8.9/10, Elite Award
“Pianificazioni strategiche, manovre tattiche e impeto bellico legati da una trama coinvolgente e da una magnificenza grafica degna di Xbox.”
Spain Revista Oficial Xbox 8.8/10, Elite Award
Asia Official Xbox Magazine Taiwan 9.1/10, Editor’s Award
Australia Official Xbox Magazine Australia 8.9/10, Elite Award
Korea 2004 Korea Game Awards, organized by Culture and Tourism Ministry.
October, 2004 - Awarded “ Best Game of 2004, ” “ Best Sound, ” and “ Best Graphic ”