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Movement/Tactics  Battle

+ Basic Battle System
Battle start automatically when the distance between your troops and enemy troops narrows. During battle, a troop’s Hit Points decrease as the result of the battle. The attack rate and damage is decided by the relationship between engaged units. Make sure to consider how the unit types match up against another for an effective battle.

+ The Hero’s Troop
As the Hero’s troop engages in a melee combat with the enemy, Hero Battle Mode is activated. At this point, you can control the Hero directly to hack and slash enemies yourself at your soldiers’ side. As the most skilled warriors, they can easily turn the tide of a battle.

+ Calling for Support
While engaged in battle, a troop cannot use any spells or abilities. Heroes can receive support from his Officers by pushing + / + . Also, Support Units can be called by using D-Pad.

+ Switching to other units from Hero Battle Mode
Pulling Left or Right Trigger will let you switch control and command other units. While commanding other units, a Hero in battle will automatically defend himself. Therefore, you need to switch back and forth in timely manners, while watching the mini map, to lead your army effectively.

+ At the Base / Castle
You will visit bases and castles frequently throughout the game. This is where you obtain important information (Pub), manage your troops (Barrack), and learn about key story events(Operations). Press Button to see Help messages anywhere in the base/castle.

As the game progresses, you will have the opportunity to visit many strongholds.
+ Tutorial
At the training center, you can check out the tutorials to learn about basic movements and tactics for different units. Pressing Button will access a detailed Help message.